Source for HunterLab D25Lt Disposable Polystyrene Petri Dish


Source for D25Lt Disposable Polystyrene Petri Dish used to measure Ground Spices, Spice Blend Powders or Seasoning Mixes 

This tissue culture dish fits in the top of the grooved D25Lt Spice Blend Holder. Its use reduces the amount of spice blend or seasoning mix required for a color measurement.

HunterLab has these dishes available as CMR-2974 but they can also be purchased from the following outside source:

Fisherbrand sterilized, disposable, clear polystyrene Petri dish (100-mm diameter x 15-mm high) available from Fisher Scientific (Fisher Sci Catalogue number 08-757-12)

Only the top half of the dish is used to hold ground spices and spice blends measured on the D25Lt. A fixed quantity of spice blend is piled into the center of the plastic dish so that it mounds in the center.

A metal spatula is then used to rake the spice blend level with the top of the dish. The flat surface of the spice blend is presented at the D25Lt in the port down orientation.

The dish is automatically centered in the D25LT Holder Bracket with the sensor in the Port Down configuration. The dish is centered at the port such that a 95-mm (3.75 in) diameter area of the spice sample is measured within this 100 mm (4 in) diameter spice holder. These dishes can be re-used multiple times and washed as needed.

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