EasyMatch QC-ER and security of User-created Jobs


FAQ: “After an FDA inspection, one of our pharma clients is increasing/improving the "protections" on the PCs in order to ensure that operators cannot modify/delete folders or files on the PC of any kind in any possible way (shortly, the users will not be able anymore to open the c: drive on the PC or use typical Windows tools. User swill be able only to switch on the PC and launch a single program - in our case EasyMatch QC-ER). My impression is that in the near future the big pharmaceutical groups will have a review of their security policy for network/computers. Can you tell me how EasyMatch QC-ER addresses security of User files?”

There are three key elements of EasyMatch QC-ER that address security of User-created files:

  1. All User-created and/or modified files are stored in one location – c:\HunterLab\EasyMatchQC-ER Client and all sub-folders. In Options/System Configuration there is a configurable, automatic system to backup all User files to a network location.
  2. The permissions for all Standard Users are set during installation to disallow file deletion at c:\HunterLab\EasyMatchQC-ER Client and all sub-folders.
  3. If any User-created Jobs are opened with an external application and modified, the Job will no longer open in EasyMatch QC-ER as being corrupted.EZMQ
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