EasyMatch QC error message: "Could not locate directory path setting for Illuminant files”


FAQ: “In some cases, we have found the following error message after installing a new EZMQC software version.

This message have happened in two customers when we launched the software. After press “OK” the EZMQC runs apparently normal.

We tried uninstall and install the software again several times but the error message remained.

Have you seen this error message before?”

In the error message "Could not locate directory path setting for illuminant files", EasyMatch QC is saying that it cannot find the illuminate/observer tables, but they are there and are working correctly because the program is finding them after you click through the message. The message is an irritant but not likely affecting the operating of the instrument and software.

On PCs configured with a non-English operating system, the path that EasyMatch points to for the illuminant and observer tables may not be lining up with the actual path in the computer.

Close EasyMatch QC software.

Using Start/My Computer, find the folder location “C:\Program Files\Common Files\HunterLab\IllTables” (English version) and copy the non-English version of this folder location as text.

Locate and open the initialization text file C:\HunterLab\EasyMatchQC\EasyMatchQC.ini and paste the non-English location after the “IllTables=” in the second line.

[CCOCX - IllTables]

IllTables=C:\Program Files\Common Files\HunterLab\IllTables

Close and save C:\HunterLab\EasyMatchQC\EasyMatchQC.ini

Start EZMQC and the error message should no longer appear.

Every time the software is started, this file is read and the software looks for the illuminant/observer tables in this location. Taking the steps above should resolve the issue.

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