How often should the instrument Diagnostic Tests be run in EasyMatch QC?


FAQ: “How much would not performing the UV Filter Calibration, Didymium Filter Test or Green Tile test affect our results? I ask because I believe my predecessor never performed these tests, so I am wondering how inaccurate her old results may be.”

The instrument is factory-calibrated. As a user, you must standardize the sensor on its bottom and top-of-scale instrument standards on a regular basis, typically every 4 to 8 hours (interval is user-set in Sensor/Set Interval). This is a reminder process to correct the sensor back to it’s factory calibration.

Running the Diagnostic Tests built into EasyMatch QC (Short Term Repeatability on White Tile, Long Term Repeatability on Green Tile and, in the case of sphere instruments, the Didymium Filter Wavelength Check) is discretionary and not required for instrument operation.

If your sensor achieves a "PASS" rating when running these sensor Diagnostics Tests, the sensor is considered to be working well, as it was when it was last at the HunterLab factory.

It is highly recommended that the User run these diagnostic tests at some regular frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly). These diagnostic tests allow you as a User to self-certify your instrument is in good working order, with like-factory performance.

If you run the Diagnostic Tests right now and get a PASS on all of them, the instrument condition was fine when your predecessor was using it.


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