Maximum number of records recommended for an EasyMatch QC Job?


FAQ: "What is the maximum number of records recommended for an EasyMatch QC Job?"

We recommend a maximum of approximately 500 records, Standard or Sample per Job file.

If more readings need to be taken, either create multiple Jobs, or AutoSave into an Microsoft Access database. When you accumulate over about 20,000 records saved in a Microsoft Access database, the database gets a little unwieldy. At this point you can either create multiple Access databases, or go to a more sophisticated database such as Sequel Server which can be custom configured.

FAQ: "Some customers have 80-100 Standards in a single Job file (because they need to see or check the historical measurements for their analysis). When they open these kinds of file, the software is very slow to show all the data… Also, is it possible to add a function in order to order the standards in alphabetical order in the job?”

Our recommendation would be not to store 80 to 100 separate product Standards in a single Job, but to create separate Jobs for each product Standard. The customer can then recall each Standard as a Job from the Jobs Folder (alphabetically sorted) with previous measurements of all Sample lots grouped underneath the product Standard (chronologically sorted).

While there is no limit to the number of Standards or Samples in a Job, we typically recommend a maximum of 500 Standards and Samples as a good number as reviewing data gets a little slower and unwieldy when you get above this number of records in a Job. If you have separate Jobs for each product Standard, all of the data records will display very quickly.

Tip: Also recommended is automatic backup of the Jobs Folder in EMQC+ER versions 4.60 and higher using Options/System Configuration/Data Storage.

FAQ: "We are experiencing some issues with the new EasyMatch QC software. Opening Job gives us a message that says "not responding" with the blue circling indicator. Our IT group does not feel the computer is the problem. Your help with this matter is much appreciated."

I received the two jobs you sent and was able to successfully open Raspberry Tea, a 3 MB Job, although it took a minute to open at that size. Typical Jobs are with 500 records are under 1 MB.

I was never able to get the larger 10 MB Sweet Tea to open (the pointer just kept spinning).

The issue appears to be that the Job File Size is too large for the PC to be able to process and write to all the view displays in a timely manner.

My recommendation would be to use the database to collect mass amounts of measurement data and keep your Jobs to approximately 500 records.

Tip: To set automatic collection of all measured standards and samples to the default database shown in the banner bar at the top, go to Options/System Configuration/Data Storage and check "AutoSave Measurement"

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