ColorFlex EZ, MiniScan EZ and WIN 7 compatibility


FAQ: "Just a simple question, the ColorFlex EZ is compatible with a Windows 7 OS computer, right? Thank you."

The issue of CFEZ compatibility with the Windows operating system on a PC does not really come into it. The CFEZ is a device that is self-contained with its own operating system and instruction set. The sensor can measure and report data; it does not need a computer.

The same applies to the older legacy ColorFlex sensors as well as MiniScan EZ, XE Plus and XE.

If you use a program like EasyMatch QC to communicate with these portable sensors; then this program has to be WIN 7 compatible as they are running on the WIN 7 host communicating with the CFEZ device.

EasyMatch QC is WIN 7 compatible from version 4.30 (Help/About) forward.

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