Replacement of the Diagnostic Didymium Filter


FAQ: “Color Quest XT S/N CQXT1273 How can we help you? I need to purchase the Didymium Filter for calibrating our ColorQuest XT sphere instrument. Do you have kits for calibrating, or can you supply just a filter?

The Didymium Filter is a diagnostic standard, not an instrument standard.

Instrument standards used to set up the instrument. When you standardize your sphere ColorQuest XT for transmission measurement, a Light Blocker is used to set 0% transmission and Air (or a cell filled with distilled water) is used to set 100% transmission. This standardization procedure effectively calibrates your instrument for operation and color measurement.

The Didymium Filter is a diagnostic that comes with values read-at-factory after the instrument performance was completely validated at the HunterLab factory. When you run this diagnostic test, you compare the spectral values read on this Didymium Filter over time (months, years) to the values-read-at-factory. If the instrument is working as factory, it will read closely to the values-read-at-factory.

Unfortunately we cannot just send you a didymium filter replacement as it would serve no diagnostic purpose. Typically, to add a didymium filter requires the instrument to be returned to HunterLab Service, performance validated on our internal performance tests as reading within the model population for your instrument, then a new didymium filter is benchmarked with baseline read-at-factory values for comparison over time.

 Please let us know if you have further questions.

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