Does changing the wavelength range or interval affect calculation of USPRO color values?


FAQ: "For the UltraScan PRO, if I change the display of the “spectral data” to a shorter range, or change the nm resolution, does that change the color calculation data in any way? Does this only change the displayed output, or is this also changing the way L*, a*, b* color values are calculated?

The USPRO reports spectral data at 5 nm intervals for an extended wavelength range of 350 nm to 1050 nm as a normal measurement.

Spectral data for the full CIE visible range of 360 nm to 780 nm in 5 nm intervals is used for the calculation of color values per CIE protocols as described in ASTM, ISO and JIS industrial color methods. The extended wavelength below 360 nm and above 780 nm is available for product characterization but is not used in the calculation of color values.

If you change the wavelength range or interval in the Spectral Data or Spectral Plot views for a different range or reporting interval, it only affects the display of those views you changed, not the calculation of color values which uses the underlying measurement data above.

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