How do I know my instrument is reading and performing correctly?


The Hunter OQ Operational Qualification for your instrument is the two (or three for sphere instruments) built-in diagnostic tests in EasyMatch QC (or stand alone in MiniScan EZ and ColorFlex EZ). In EZMQC go to Sensor/Diagnostics for the following diagnostic tests or the Diagnostics menu from your instruments main menu.

  • Short-Term Repeatability on White Tile to verify the electronics are in good health.
  • Long-Term Repeatability on the Green Tile to verify the photometric and wavelength performance of the entire optical path is the same as when last at the factory.
  • Wavelength checks on sphere instruments with the Didymium filter to ensure instrument alignment.

A PASS on all applicable diagnostic tests affirms the instrument is operationally qualified as being in good working order. This is the basis for all HunterLab instrument performance verification.

For instrument and application-specific IQ, OQ, and PQ protocols and documentation that validate proper instrument installation and performance for the intended application please refer to our Digital Qualification Notebook (DQNB) solution.

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