EasyMatch QC+ER error message indicating corrupted Job file


FAQ: "Customer using EZMQC ER 3.72 with LSXE. Worked fine until today. When trying to open the attached job he gets the following messages (the second is “Error opening job file”)" Can you advise on what is causing this?"

The error message is not specific but suggests a corrupted Job file. Also possible but not probable, is that someone tried to modify the file with another program and saved it.

Have the System Administrator for their PC log in and make a backup copy of this corrupted file and put it away somewhere.

In EZMQC+ER 4.60 we implemented TTP1374 Currently under Options/System Configuration/Data Storage

How to perform automatic backup of User files in EasyMatch QC+ER

Have the customer copy down the backup Job file of the same name. Then they should be ready to go again.

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