ASTM Industrial Test Methods for Opaque, Plastic Films


FAQ: "... a quick question: could you confirm which ASTM Standards the UltraScan PRO will conform with for the measurement of opaque plastic films in reflection? (it's a question from our customer at a nearby university who has an UltraScan PRO.)

If the plastic film was transparent and measured in transmission, there are some industrial methods specific to transparent plastic films.

However, an opaque plastic film is treated the same way as a coating like paint because a full hiding paint is just liquid film layer that is dried on a substrate. Effectively the paint coating layer becomes a solid, opaque, non-metal material.

The same approach is taken for a flexible, full-hiding, opaque plastic film by layering it on a background support for measurement to effectively become a solid, opaque, non-metal material.

For both opaque paint coatings and opaque plastic films, the same set of ASTM Methods apply for color measurement as found in our AN 1035 Application Note.

ASTM Industrial Methods for Color Measurement - AN 1035.00


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