Independent Test Lab to measure APHA/Pt-Co/Hazen Color


FAQ: “Do you know of an independent test lab that can measure APHA/Pt-Co/Hazen Color?”

HunterLab has several models that measure APHA/Pt-Co/Hazen Color but if you need an independent test lab, contact the following and ask for Contact the following and ask for "APHA/Pt-Co/Hazen Color testing per ASTM D1209 and D5386".

Dallas Laboratories, Inc.

Dallas, TX 75215 USA


Two larger test labs are:

Intertek – Deer Park Lab

Deer Park, TX 77536 USA

+281 971 5600

SGS North America Inc

Houston, TX 77058 USA


Tip: To instrumentally measure APHA/Pt-Co/Hazen Color in accordance with ASTM D1209.D5386, the instrument must be set up on transmission cell of some defined path length filled with distilled water as an instrument standard representing a perfect colorless material of 100% transmission. This procedure is called “standardizing on a blank”.

As a PQ Performance Qualification step, it is a good idea to ask your test lab to read back the transmission cell + distilled water as a sample. It should always read APHA/Pt-Co/Hazen Color = 0 closely. Your product results reported in APHA/Pt-Co/Hazen Color will always be relative to distilled water being 0.

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