How do HunterLab Instruments meet the requirements of an Audit?


FAQ: "We are about to have a lab audit and would like to know how the performance of our ColorFlex EZ can be verified. We need to meet the requirements of our auditor."

Here is a protocol for your HunterLab instrument that most auditors accept as valid performance qualification

  1. Your instrument is factory-calibrated by HunterLab and should not require further calibration as long as it has a PASS rating on its diagnostic tests.
  2. The instrument is standardized every 4 to 8 hours. The sensor interval can be user-set but the user must standardize the instrument. This 15 second process sets the bottom and top-of-scale to assigned, traceable, stable instrument tile standards.
  3. Run sensor diagnostic tests - two for directional 45/0 geometry instruments; three for diffuse sphere instruments.
    • Short Term Repeatability on White Tile to verify the electronics are in good health.
    • Long Term Repeatability on the Green Tile to verify the photometric performance of the entire optical path is the same as when last at factory.
    • Long Term Wavelength check to verify the wavelength response of the optical path as when last at factory (diffuse sphere instruments only).

A PASS on the PDF reports all three diagnostic tests affirms the instrument is operationally qualified as being in good working order.



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