Path Length Tolerance on 2 mm Flow and 2 mm Manual Loading Cells



FAQ: “Our customer needs to know the manufacture specifications of the 04-1015-323 2 mm Flow Cell and D04-1015-179 2 mm Manual Loading Cell. Could you send the permitted variation in the 2 mm cell path length?”

These two HunterLab 2 mm transmission cells share the same basic design. The D04-1015-323 2 mm Flow Cell has separate inlet and outlet ports; the D04-1015-179 2 mm Manual Loading Cell has a single capped port for loading and draining the cell.

This thin cell is very robust (does not break easily) with a large viewing area that does not compromise the performance of HunterLab sphere instruments in making repeatable color measurements. It comes in two formats, flow and manual loading, that meet the needs of most clients for a thin path length cell design. It is easy to flush clean. It is particularly useful in measuring highly saturated, water-based transparent liquid samples.

The path length for both is 2 mm with a tolerance of +/- 0.2-mm. This means the normal path length can be anywhere from approximately 1.80 mm to 2.20 mm.

If the variation in path length is an issue, the user can select one 2 mm cell as a reference and incorporate a bias offset for the other cells relative to the reference cell. This can be incorporated as a Custom Formula field in EasyMatch QC.


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