Typical documentation with a calibrated set of CMR-2760 Haze Standards


CMR-2760 provides a calibrated set of 5 plastic ASTM D1003 Haze Standards with nominal values of 1%, 5%, 10%, 20% and 30% Haze. Typically the purpose is to verify close agreement and measurement repeatability over a wide haze range over time. If this set of Haze Standards is being shipped with a new HunterLab sphere instrument, documentation of Values Read at Factory will be provided by HunterLab Technical Services. If the instrument is in-service, the customer will be responsible for setting the baseline haze values themselves. If the client wishes just a single Haze Standard close to their product, see CMR-2952.

Enclosed is typical documentation that ships with a CMR-2760 calibrated set of haze standards that includes a statement of uncertainty in the assignment of the calibrated values and baseline haze values read-at-factory.

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