MI Illuminant in Universal and EasyMatch QC software


FAQ: "Our old test method said to set the following with the Universal software:

  • Illuminant: C
  • Observer: 2
  • MI Illuminant: D65

After our EasyMatch QC software was installed we have the settings as in the following screen shot:

Am I missing something? We don’t seem to have set the MI Illuminant D65 that our test method requires."

Metamerism Index is a metric based on total dE* color difference based on two different illuminant/observer combinations. Unfortunately it is a seldom used metric and it doesn't matter what the MI illuminant/observer is set to unless you select MI for display.

In our legacy Universal software, the MI illuminant/observer selection was given far too much prominence and just became a point of confusion with end users .

In EasyMatch QC, the selection of MI illuminant/observer is still there but only appears with Metamerism Index is selected as a Color Difference for display.



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