How to Perform a Repair on the EZMQC Software


To reinstall the EZMQC software with the repair feature. During this process the instillation repair will look for any missing and/or corrupt content and install a fresh copy of the necessary files.

Prior to any instillation please check with your IT department to ensure that you have full administrative privileges on the computer to install a program. To run the repair please locate your EZMQC instillation disk and insert it into the computer. If the computer does not auto-run the CD you might have to navigate to the CD drive to activate the menu.

From the main menu please select the Repair function.

The repair process will begin by asking you to select a language.

Please follow all on screen prompts.

Part of the repair process will try to install your EZMQC key driver.

You may see the following screen letting you know that your EZMQC key driver is up to date.

If that is the case just click on the Finish buttons to move forward with the repair process.

When the instillation has finished you will see the following screen. Please select to restart your computer at this time. It is necessary to restart your computer to ensure that all files were installed and registered correctly.

After your computer finishes the restart process please open the EZMQC software to ensure you are no longer experiencing any issues. If you are still experiencing errors please contact HunterLab support by going to and submitting a ticket with the red Support tab on the right hand side of the page.

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