“Datalog Full” message on D25 DP-9000


FAQ: "...We were getting a message on the DP9000 of “Data Log Full”. You mentioned an issue with the onboard memory...It still calibrates at this point and is a working unit, however, we did not have this message the last time prior to when I set it up. Can you advise"

The “Datalog Full” message means that the datalog is set to automatically save all measured data, and has reached its limit and is overwriting data at the beginning of the datalog. This message provides a warning that this is occurring.

You can find instructions on how to clear the saved records in the Datalog on page 5-4 of the DP-9000 Manual, after which you can turn off the Auto Datalog feature so it will not log all measurements.

The Datalog

Each individual sample reading taken in the Read mode may be stored in the datalog if the data logging mode in the Instrument Setup is ALWAYS or ON DEMAND. When samples are averaged, the average may also be saved in the datalog. Physical and numeric standard values are not saved to the datalog, but are saved in the product setup.

The datalog can hold a maximum of 400 readings. A message appears on the display when the datalog is full. If you continue to take readings when the datalog is full, the last record will be overwritten repeatedly. A press of the Clear key clears an individual reading from the screen and the datalog. The entire datalog can only be cleared after all of the data has been output either to a printer or through the RS-232C serial port at the back of the unit.

Note that when clearing the datalog it is NOT necessary to have the DP-9000 connected to a printer or other device when the data is sent out. You just have to send out the full datalog of data, then there will be the opportunity to Clear the Datalog, after which you can turn off the Data Logging feature if you wish.

To clear the datalog, perform the following steps:

  1. If data is being read continuously, press the Read key to stop the readings.
  2. Press and hold the COM key on the front of the DP-9000 processor until you hear a double beep. This will begin sending out the saved data records from the DataLog. You will hear another double beep when all the data has been output. If the datalog is very full, be patient. It will take a couple of moments to send a full datalog. The screen then prompts you to clear the datalog.
  3. Press the Clear key to clear the datalog after sending. The “Datalog Full” error message will no longer occur.
  4. As noted on page 2-3 of the User’s Manual, if you want to turn off the Data Logging feature, go to the Instrument setup and set the Data Logging feature to “NEVER” to disable this feature.
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