MiniScan XE Plus (Discontinued Product)


Dear Valued Customer,

We appreciate the opportunity you have given HunterLab to be a part of your color measurement solution. Our commitment to you is to provide the finest service and support in the industry, to maintain your instrument’s operation to our exacting factory standards. HunterLab’s MiniScan XP is an exceptional instrument and has provided you years of reliable service. However, it has been out of production since 2008. Our ability to fully service and maintain your instrument will become increasingly limited by the reduced availability of needed replacement parts.

Currently we are able to continue to provide calibration verification services for as long as your instrument is in proper working order. However, if at any time your instrument requires repair that includes parts replacement or recalibration, we will be unable to perform those services. HunterLab offers a newer model, the MiniScan EZ. It is an outstanding replacement alternative to your MiniScan XP.

For more information about the MiniScan EZ, or any of our other excellent color measurement solutions, please visit our website at, or contact your local sales representative.

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