How to set up D25 NC with USB Printer


To set up the D25 NC with the accessory A13-1014-259 USB Printer, set rocker switch on back left of turntable base to “Printer” symbol.

  • Unscrew the communications port cover. 
  • Attach A21-1016-769 cable (USB A Receptacle to USB B Plug, 100mm) to back of turntable base.
  • Attach A21-1014-375 cable (USB cable, Standard A plug to Standard B receptacle, 1m) from printer and join.
  • Turn ON power to printer.
  • Standardize D25 NC and take a reading.
  • After a reading is made, you can manually print the content of the screen by selecting SEND/PRINT at the bottom of the screen.
  • You can automatically print every reading as taken by going to Main Menu/System Settings/Global Options and set AUTOSAVE to “ON” (SEND/PRINT at bottom of screen will no longer be displayed).
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