How closely should Tomato Meter read back the Tomato Tile?


FAQ: “We recently had our ColorFlex Tomato instrument serviced and calibrated. Our Tomato Tile has a TPS value of 48.39, and we aren't sure of what sort of reported range we should consider acceptable when we read that plate after standardization. Do you have a recommendation?”

Typically, after you standardize your LabScan XE or ColorFlex Tomato Meter, you would read your Tomato Tile as a PQ Performance Qualification step. You should read back TPS within tenths of a unit, and certainly under a half unit.

If your reading of the Tomato Tile is further out than this, re-hitch your instrument to the Tomato Tile using the Hunter L, a, b C/2 values on the back of the tile.

Then re-check the PQ read of the Tomato Tile.

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