Moving my instrument to a new facility and/or a new computer


Moving an instrument to a new computer or new facility is a common occurrence and an easy process. Often times this can be done completely by you or with the help of your IT department.


The first step is to ensure that you have a software package that is compatible with your new computer. Please see the link below for software versions and operating system compatibility. Your software version can be found directly on your instillation disk.

Windows Operating Systems for HunterLab Software

Next once you determine that you have a compatible software version you can install it on your new computer using the directions contained in the note linked to below. This is where you IT department can specifically help.

How can I upgrade or install EasyMatch QC software on a new computer?

Next you will need to connect your instrument and install it in the software. Please see the directions in the note linked to below.

Installing Instrument in EZMQC Software

Below are some more helpful articles for setting up your EZMQC software.

How to report more than one color scale in EasyMatch QC?

How can I make changes to the Default Job Template?

If for any reason you have problems connecting to your instrument please walk through the reset procedures below.

Hard Instrument Reset (Power On Self Test)

How to do a Clean Re-installation of the Sensor in EasyMatch QC

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