Instrument Failing Diagnostic Tests


If your instrument is failing any of its diagnostics tests please run through the checks below and rerun the tests.

1. Please make sure that the standard port plate is installed. This is the largest port plate (usually approximately 1 inch for most instruments) without any coverings (i.e. glass or polycarbonate).

2. If you have a sphere instrument that is capable of measuring in transmission please make sure any sample holder that would interfere with the light path is removed.

3. Please make sure you are standardizing the instrument with the instrument white standard tile and not the white disk on the sample clamp. You must use the standard white tile that contains a sticker with your instruments serial number on it. Please also make sure that the serial number on this tile matches your instruments serial number.

4. Please clean all instrument standards; this includes the white tile, green tile, and if applicable the didymium filter (please note that the didymium filter might need several cleanings as it can occasionally have a film build up on it.) You can use isopropyl alcohol and a lint free wipe (such as a kimwipe) to clean the instrument standard tiles and the didymium filter.

If your instrument continues to fail after running through all of these checks then the instrument will most likely have to return to HunterLab for service.

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