Electronic Signature privileges within EasyMatch QC-ER


FAQ: “We are going through the user permissions and had a question.  Are members of the QCERAdmins group the only users that can use eSignature?  The people put in the QCERUsers group cannot be given rights to utilize the eSignature?”

For EZMQC-ER before 4.91, only QCERAdmins can implement e-Signature as it is considered an administrative function.


EasyMatch QC-ER group privileges can be seen at Options/System Configuration/Access Privileges.

In Options/System Configuration/Access Privileges, e-Signature is grayed out as a choice for QCERUsers and cannot be set.

The concept here is that QCERUsers would take measurements, and someone in the QCERAdmins group would review the measurements and apply an e-Signature to their review.

We are open to suggestions on this e-signature implementation but this is our current logic.

In the past we have had a request for a “QCERReviewers” group that would have QCERUser group privileges with added eSignature privilege but is unable to take measurements.

For EZMQC-ER 4.91 and above, we change the e-signature rule to support customer needs. In EZMQC-ER 4.91 and above, as default the e-signature of users under user groups is disabled while admin users can enable it if needed. Any user with the access privileges to do e-signature can sign the document, no matter who login EZMQC-ER currently. A dropdown box with domains list is added in e-sign dialog box, so that the user can select the domain and can sign accordingly. 

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