Electronic Signature privileges within EasyMatch QC-ER


FAQ: “We are going through the user permissions and had a question.  Are members of the QCERAdmins group the only users that can use eSignature?  The people put in the QCERUsers group cannot be given rights to utilize the eSignature?”

Only QCERAdmins can implement e-Signature as it is considered an administrative function.


EasyMatch QC-ER group privileges can be seen at Options/System Configuration/Access Privileges.

In Options/System Configuration/Access Privileges, e-Signature is grayed out as a choice for QCERUsers and cannot be set.

The concept here is that QCERUsers would take measurements, and someone in the QCERAdmins group would review the measurements and apply an e-Signature to their review.

We are open to suggestions on this e-signature implementation but this is our current logic.

In the past we have had a request for a “QCERReviewers” group that would have QCERUser group privileges with added eSignature privilege but is unable to take measurements.

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