EasyMatch QC error message: "Invalid property value"


FAQ: "We are averaging of 2 readings per measurement and get an “Invalid property value” message after entering standard or sample ID. This does not happen if we just do a single reading. Do you know what is causing this?"

This is an error message through our software that is not typical. We know how to fix it but not exactly what creates it.

Open a New Job and place your mouse over the CDTX (Color Data Table View)/Right Click/Configure to show the parameters of this view. Look at the setting for “Digits Beyond Default”. It typically is set to 0 (display of values is normal) and can range from -2 (less decimal places) to +2 (more decimal places).

If this number is set to some number outside this range like “622”, this will cause this “Invalid property value” error message to appear. Set “Digits Beyond Default” back to 0 in the correct range. Close Color Data Table View and File/Save Template as the default Template (typically “01 Basic Color Template” or “Default Template”). This should fix


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