EZMQC Problems Opening Default Job


Help, we have our EZMQC software set to automatically open a default Job(s) and we are experiencing issues. EZMQC will not open or it gets hung up and closes out.


This can happen for a few reasons. Either the Job(s) set to open have too many records contained in them, the Job(s) could be corrupt, or you might even have too many Jobs set to open at startup.


We first need to turn off the option to automatically open the Job. Since the EZMQC software will not open we will have manually go into the setting and change this. To do this locate the EasyMatchQC.ini file on your computer. For all newer versions of the EZMQC software this can be found at C:\HunterLab\EasyMatchQC.

Open the EasyMatchQC.ini file, it should open in the Notepad program. Look through the file until you find the line Default Job=1 you will need to change this to Default Job=0. Please make sure that you only change the 1 to a 0 and make sure that there are no spaces, please make sure that you have not made any other changes to this file. Once you have changed the line to Default Job=0 please save this file and you can now close it.

Once you have closed the file please try opening the EZMQC software again. You should find that you are able to get into the software now. At this time please try attempting to open the Job that you were using as the default Job. If this Job can open please examine the contents to ensure that you do not have too many records contained in it. Please see our note here for more information about maximum records.

Once you have cleaned up the Job and saved it you can try turning the default Job back on by going to Options/Application Preferences/Startup Defaults and checking the Default Job option and selecting your Job.

If you continue to experience any issues with this please contact HunterLab Support and provide us with your EZMQC version number and current operating system.

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