EasyMatch QC-ER – effect of network IP address migration


FAQ: “We currently use HunterLab EasyMatch QC-ER with ColorQuest XE in our laboratory. We are planning to migrate the lab systems off their current IP addresses to a different subnet behind a firewall with the exception of our servers. The servers will remain on the current subnet. I'm aware the ColorQuest XE connects to the desktop via a serial cable and data is stored locally. However, prior to performing the IP migration we are reaching out to our vendors to assist in identifying any potential issues that may result with the application due to this change.

Please support us by providing any feedback on the foreseeable impact this change may have on the HunterLab EasyMatch QC-ER application and/or the ColorQuest XE?”

I am not sure what version of EasyMatch QC-ER and your CQXE serial # you have but here is what to look for.

EasyMatch QC-ER is a client/server software package but the server is almost always located on the local PC with the client, so server location should not be an issue.

EasyMatch QC installs on a local PC attached to the senor but the two groups QCERAdmins and QCERUsers authorized to operate EZMQC-ER will be found either on the local PC or on a network depending on the where the groups are located.

To find out what kind of an installation it was, it will be listed in the EZMQC-ER Validation and Compliance Notebook or go to c:\HunterLab\EasyMatch QC-ER Client\Reports, and it will be listed in the Pre-Installation Report by last date/time PDF.

If this was a local installation, no changes will be required.

If this was a network installation, and your network IP address migration affects the name of the domain where the QCERAdmins and QCERUsers groups are located, you will have to run the Pre-Installation Wizard (found at c:\Programs (x86)\HunterLab\Pre-Installation Wizard.exe) again to re-set the domain location for these groups.

The only other item that might be affected by IP migration is if you are using the Auto Backup feature in Options/System Configuration/Data Storage and you are backing up to a network location. If the network location changes as the result of IP migration, you may need to re-set this location.

If your IP migration does not affect your designated domain name, you will be able to start EZMQC-ER up without any changes needed.

To test after the IP migration, just start up EZMQC-ER and if it does not start right up as normal, run the Pre-Installation Wizard to re-set your domain location.

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