Display of e-Signature Icon in EasyMatch QC-ER Sensor Information Line


As of EasyMatch QC-ER version 4.87.01 and above, an e-Signature icon has been added on the bottom right of the Sensor Status information area.

If e-signature has been implemented for a Job, the icon is grayed out. If an e-signature has been implemented under the File/e-Signature menu item, the icon is blue.

If you put your mouse over the icon, “e-signature: (login ID) (e-Signature comment) (date/time)" information is visible, indicating who had implemented the e-Signature and when.

The Print Report feature has also been modified to include the e-signature details of “e-signature: (login ID) (e-Signature comment) (date/time)" with the data record. The e-signature information will be automatically added into “Footer”. You need to add “Footer” into the print page through File/Print Job Setup then the e-signature will be printed in the report. 


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