Blocking permission to change a Data Record Name in EasyMatch QC-ER


FAQ: "If I open a job file in EasyMatch QC-ER, and I right click on one of the samples and I select "properties", it is possible for me to change the name of this sample in the "sample properties" box. Is it possible to block this permission?"

Changing a record name is not considered to be a record security issue as the record still exists and the name change will be recorded in the Audit Log associated with the Job.

Yes, you can block permission to change a record name and other properties. 

Under Options/System Configuration/Access Privileges, QCERAdmins can set access to all file Menu items and Right Mouse options for QCERUsers, and for themselves as a group.

Just select both QCERAdmins and QCERUsers as Group Names and unselect Properties as a Right Mouse options. It will not be grayed out as an option for both groups and they cannot change Standard and Sample names unless this is re-checked by a QCERAdmin.



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