When connected to EasyMatch QC, Wrong Sensor Serial Number is being Displayed


FAQ: “When attempting to connect my USPRO to EasyMatch QC, the wrong serial number is displayed in the sensor information line at the bottom of the screen. When I checked the instrument parameters using Sensor/Diagnostics/Hardware Checks, the correct serial number for my sensor is displayed there. Why does EasyMatch show the wrong serial number at the bottom of the main screen?”

At one time you may have had a different USPRO connected to EasyMatch QC. Perhaps it was a Loaner or Rental instrument from HunterLab; maybe your salesman connected his demo USPRO to your computer; maybe you were in sensor simulation mode.  

Each time a sensor is connected to EZMQC, the serial number and COM settings for that sensor are written to a file called “sensors.dat” found at C:\HunterLab\EasyMatchQC\Sensors.

When EasyMatch QC is opened, EZMQC reads this file in to correctly set the last used sensor settings so that the state of the sensor is configured to match last used in the software. This is where the misidentification may be originating. Do the following to return EasyMatch QC to the current and correct sensor state.

  1. Close EasyMatch QC.
  2. Using File Explorer, navigate to C:\HunterLab\EasyMatchQC\Sensors and delete the “sensor.dat” file.
  3. When EZMQC is restarted, you will be prompted to install a new sensor.
  4. Go to Sensor/Install-Configure and install your current sensor. The only choice you have to make is the selection of COM port (the rest of the communications parameters should set to 19200, non, 8, 1). If the communications cable from the sensor is a 9-to-9 pin serial cable, select COM 1. If a USB connector is used at the PC end, select the highest COM port offered. Most HunterLab sensors beep when communications is achieved. If the highest COM port offered does not work, go to the second highest.
  5. When the sensor is installed, standardize the instrument.

The correct sensor information will now display at the bottom of the main screen.

When you next close the EasyMatch QC, a new “sensor.dat” file will be created.

FAQ: “If I re-install the sensor, does this affect my previous data?”

Not at all. You are just refreshing communication parameters with your HunterLab sensor.

Edited by Charles and Gordon

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