Optimal Screen Resolution at 96 or 120 dpi for EasyMatch QC and ER


FAQ: “When running and printing the OQ tests (our diagnostics), not all tests would be displayed completely on the screen. When running the OQ tests that had multiple readings, you would see up to a certain part of the test on the screen but not all of it. Do you have some advice on this?”

It has been a long time standard for displays that a screen resolution of 96 dpi was assumed and the EasyMatch QC+ER views were optimized for that resolution.

As of EasyMatch QC+ER 4.62 (Help/About), HunterLab made a change to accommodate new monitors with wide screen resolution displays of 120 dpi as normal. EasyMatch QC+ER can now accommodate both 96 dpi and 120 dpi resolution monitors.

If the monitor screen resolution is higher than 120 dpi (Right Click/Screen Resolution at Desktop to determine), this can cause a garbled display. The workaround is to lower the monitor screen resolution to 120 dpi.

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