Why does my ColorFlex EZ keeps printing the same value?


FAQ: “My ColorFlex used to print fine whenever I took a reading. Now it keeps printing the same values even when I make new measurements that show on the screen. Can you tell me what is wrong?”

Look at the top left corner of your measurement screen. There is a number there that is the number of records saved in your Datalog. If the number is “2000” and displaying in red, this means you have filled the Datalog to capacity.

Whenever you press “Print”, the data record is sent out to all ports – out the USB port at the back of your CFEZ to a data collector on a PC; to a hard copy printer and to the Datalog.

To clear the Datalog, just go to Main Menu/Saved Readings/Delete All Readings. The counter will drop to 0 on the measurement screen.

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