ColorQuest XT Touch Screen has lost sensitivity


FAQ: “…The CQXT Touch Screen is working but, bout 80 percent of the time, your first press will work.”

Over time, there can be a buildup of skin oils from pressing and this can de-sensitive the CQXT touch screen.

Dampen a Kim Wipe with isopropyl alcohol or similar lens cleaner and gently wipe the screen. Repeat this several times until all skin oils are removed from the screen.

Re-calibrate the touch screen using this procedure -

If you run this touchscreen calibration procedure and the screen still does not have good sensitivity, the Touchscreen Overlay (HL Part # D02-1014-800) may need to be replaced. This is a film that covers the LCD screen and is connected to the processor board via a ribbon cable.

With care, it is possible for you to replace this part onsite. Or, contact HunterLab Service for screen replacement options.

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