What AutoSave features are in EasyMatch QC+ER?


FAQ: “Our lab is having trouble losing data in EasyMatch QC jobs. Is there an AutoSave feature available in the EasyMatch QC software?”

There are three autosave features available as standard in the EasyMatch QC+ER software.

To access these options, go to Options/System Configuration/Data Storage. In this window you have the following autosave choices:

  • AutoSave Measurements
  • AutoSave Job
  • EasyMatch QC Users File Backup

AutoSave Measurements automatically saves measurements to the database as they are taken and displayed in the Color Data Table View. When the measurement displays, it is automatically saved as a Standard, Sample or Series to the active database shown at Options/System Configuration/Data Storage. The active database installed as default is EZQC.mdb, an Access database shown in the banner bar at the top of the screen. AutoSave Measurements is checked ON as the default setting.

AutoSave Job automatically saves jobs to help ensure that measurements are not lost. When a New Job is selected, an "Untitled Job" opens based on the default template, with no data in it. When the "AutoSave Job" box is checked (OFF by default in EasyMatch QC; ON and cannot be deselected in EasyMatch QC-ER) and the Operator first selects Read Standard/Sample/Series, they are prompted for a Job name and the Job is saved as shown in the banner bar at top of screen. As each Standard/Sample/Series is taken, the Job is automatically re-saved to minimize any potential of losing measurement data.

EasyMatch QC Users File Backup option allows you to automatically save all EasyMatch QC user created and modified files to a backup location at a daily time interval that you set. Once you check this option you can specify the backup path such as a network drive or flash drive along with the backup interval in days.

Let's say you have the interval to 1 day and your data was backed up on Friday. You leave for the weekend and close the EasyMatch QC application. When you arrive on Monday and start up EasyMatch, it will compare dates between the last back up date and the current time. If it exceeds your backup interval, your user files at c:\HunterLab\EasyMatch QC (or EasyMatch QC Client) will be backed up.

This feature is not configured as default but is an excellent feature to prevent measurement loss and Users are encouraged to configure and use it.

Once you have made your selection(s) click OK to save all changes. You will begin to see how these autosave features can automate saving your work.

FAQ: "With EasyMatch QC Users File Backup, what is the best backup time interval to use?"

I suppose it depends on what risk you are trying to protect against. If it's a hard drive failure, the best interval would be 1 day. If it's an individual corrupted Job, you might chose 7 days or longer as this would avoid your backup file also being corrupted.

Currently, this feature just makes one backup of all User created and/or modified files at c:\HunterLab\EasyMatch QC (or EasyMatch QC Client.

FAQ: "Have you ever considered implementing an incremental back up where you keep 3 copies - one every time, the EZMQC+ER application is closed; one 3 days back and one 14 days back?"

You offer and excellent suggestion for a future improvement to this feature and we will consider it. At the moment, we struggle to get customers to use the feature.

FAQ: “Let’s consider your two bad news scenarios – corrupted Job and hard drive crash on the PC. How long would it take you to recover from each and how would you do it?”

  • If you had a corrupted Job (very rarely happens) and for some reason you could not open it.
  • Search and find the corrupted Job in the Jobs sub-folder at c:\HunterLab\EasyMatch QC (or EasyMatch QC Client). Make a backup copy of the corrupted file (good practice).
  • Copy the file of the same name from the backup location of your User files to the corresponding location at c:\HunterLab\EasyMatch QC (or EasyMatch QC Client).

If you had a hard drive crash (happens slightly more often than a corrupted file):

  • Replace the hard drive, or bring in another computer.
  • Install your EasyMatch QC+ER software from your CD.
  • Copy over your backup copy of all your User created and/or modified files to c:\HunterLab\EasyMatch QC (or EasyMatch QC Client) replacing any of the same name.
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