Vista Diagnostics


Go to Workspace/Diagnostics. All tests and features in Diagnostics become available in Essentials Rev 1.01.0025 and above. To download the latest Vista Essentials software, go to Vista support website

Vista Essentials (Rev 1.01.0025 and above) has been implemented Performance Diagnostics tests (Repeatability test, ND filter test, Didymium filter test, Haze filter test, and Run Auto-Diag.) as well as Advanced Diagnostics tests (Shutter door in/out, Haze door open/close, Read Signal/Dark/Zero/Loop, Standardization, Measure, Printer driver, and restart COMM).

Note: Following tests are primarily for use by the service department at HunterLab and not recommended for customer use, “Run Auto-Diag”, Shutter door in/out, Haze door open/close, and Read Signal/Dark/Zero/Loop.




1. Performance/Repeatability Test:

The Repeatability test assesses how consistently the instrument can measure color. 30 readings are taken and each of them should be in the tolerance to get a "Pass" assessment in the end.

2. Performance/Neutral Density Filter Test

This test requires that you enter the target values for the ND filter that you are using for this test. It takes 10 readings and average them to compare with the target. 


3. Performance/Didymium Filter Test

The Didymium Filter test allows you to assess readings of the Didymium filter that is provided with the instrument.  This checks for wavelength accuracy of the instrument and should be done on a regular basis (i.e., weekly or bi-weekly) as part of your routine instrument performance check. It takes 10 readings and average them to compare with the target. 

4. Performance/Haze Standard Test

The Haze test reads the haze standard and provides a pass or fail evaluation based on an average of 5 readings and the value associated with the standard.


5. Perfomance/Run Auto-Diag

It runs all tests and detailed results for instrument information, Voltage, Shutter Door, Haze Door, Energy test, Dark/Zero, repeatability(optional), ND filter(optional), Didymium Filter(optional) and Haze Standard(optional) can be exported to a CSV file. Also, the results are saved automatically and can be print through Essentials. 

6. Advanced Tests

These tests are primarily for use by HunterLab’s Service Department.  However, user can use these two features, upload of printer drivers (Printer Drivers) and restarting the communications with a computer (Restart COMM). 

Except the diagnostics in Vista Essentials app, we have the other app, "Vista diagnostics",  in the Vista home screen, you can still use it to check Vista functions. This is an instructional video explaining how to use the "Vista diagnostics".


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