NIST traceable documentation for CQXE


Question: Is the PM that was recently done on my Color Quest XE traceable to NIST?

During a Preventive Maintenance / Calibration Verification service done at your facility, no actual instrument calibration occurs. The only action that occurs is a tile set with values established as the population average for the CQXE family of instruments are measured. If your instrument measures this tile set within the stated tolerances than we state that it still in the same state as when it was actually calibrated at the factory. This is a verification of the calibration state of the sensor. The only NIST calibrated item associated with your instrument is the Instrument Standard Tile. The values assigned to this tile were derived by direct comparison to a tile that was traceable to NIST. Since your instrument when standardized with the NIST traceable tile was able to read Tile Set HCL407 with tolerance then we can state that the tile must still be in the same state as when it was last calibrated at HunterLab. If you require a new certificate of traceablity for your Instrument Standard Tile then you will need to return both your Color Quest XE and Instrument Standard Tile to HunterLab for calibration.


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