Lycopine Index won't display



A customer reported he updated EZMQC from an earlier version where he had LYCOPENE as an Index but can’t find it anymore (but still gets the tomato scores).


Lycopene Index is not included with EZMQC-Tomato, in order to display Lycopene Index the user must own an EZMQC software key with CMR3098. Then the Lycopene Index will be displayed only when the software is connected to a LabScanXE or ColorFlexEZ. The user can click on Help on the main menu bar, then click on About. A dialogue box showing the EashMatchQC versions installed should list CMR3098. If CMR3098 is shown then to display Lycopene Index right click with the cursor inside the Master Color Data Table and find Lycopene Index from the Index Menu highlight it and then click on the Left Arrow to move it to the active display.

If CMR3098 is not displayed then the user needs to contact their sales representative to request further assistance.

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