Do you know what Neat Color is?


FAQ: " I have a customer who wants to measure something called 'Neat Color' at a temperature of 150°C.

They have seen that in the US, a company is doing this using a Hunterlab instrument with “SpecWare Version 1.10 + Brass sample holder with slots 10 mm apart for glass slides and microscope slides, 3x2” glass”

Do you have any idea which instrument this is?"

To the best of my knowledge, there is no color scale called "neat".

Instead what I think it refers to is measuring the color of the material neat, meaning undiluted. More than likely this is some type of chemical concentrate (often crystals or pellets) that has to be heated undiluted to 150 C to make it into a liquid where the color, typically APHA/Pt-Co or Gardner, is measured as an indication of color quality.

Here is a note on how we generally approach hot liquids - Measuring Hot Liquid Samples - AN 1030.00

Specware was HunterLab's legacy DOS color software. The brass device sounds like a custom sample holder.

If you can find out any more information, we can better advise.

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