EasyMatch QC - how can I make changes to the Default Job Template?


FAQ: "I have made some changes to my Color Data Table that do not appear to be taking effect. How can I make sure that all of these changes are applied to all of my New Jobs?"

FAQ: "How do I set the default template used for New Jobs? We have a customer using Hunter L, a, b color scale for C/2 conditions and they’re having a hard time figuring out how to save these settings as their default settings for New Jobs. Whenever the PC is rebooted, or they start a New Job, the Color Data Table settings return to CIE L*, a*, b* D65/10.”

These changes are not being applied to all of the new Jobs because the Default Job Template needs to be updated.

To do this first go to your Color Data Table and right-click and select Configure. Use this window to select your Color Scale, Color Differences, Indices, Illuminant and Observer. If you want to change or delete any other views (Spectral Plot, 2D Color Plot, etc.) do so at this time. Once you have made your desired selections click OK to apply these changes.

All Job Templates are found at c:\HunterLab\EasyMatch QC\Templates. The default template at installation is "01 Basic Color Template”.

Go to File/Save Job Template As/"01 Basic Color Template”.jtp" and click Save.

You can open a File/New Job, make any changes you want to any view in the empty Job, then File/Save Template As “01 Basic Color Template” (this is default template unless it has been changed). From this point forward all New Jobs will use that template.

If you have an old Job that is not configured as the new template and you want to change the configuration to your new default, you can open the old Job and select “File/Apply Template to Job”, selecting “01 Basic Color Template” to perform the configuration update.

FAQ: “Thank you. The info worked great. The file name of the Default Job Template was the thing I was missing.”

If you want to customize the Default Job Template, you can configure an empty Job with any settings you like, then “File/Save Template As/’Custom Name’ Template.jtp".

Then go to Options/Application Preferences/Startup to set the Default Template to “Custom Name’ Template.jtp”.

From this point on, when you open EasyMatch QC or create a new Job, your “Custom Name Template.jtp” will be used for new Jobs.

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