D02-1014-427 MSEZ LAV Screw-On Nose Cone






I have the D02-1014-427 MSEZ LAV Screw-On Nose Cone and the plastic lens is all scratched what do I need to order to replace this?












There are two choices.




A02-1014-428 LAV Replacement Screw-On Poly End Cap is the assembled screw-on cap with the PC lens glued in place, the current selling price is $260.00




A04-1009-548 Lens, PolyCarbonate, Lower Nose Cone is just the PC lens, the current selling price is $ 14.00




If you purchase just the lens you will need to remove the old lens, remove the old adhesive from the screw-on cap, then glue in the new lens.




Depending on how often you need to change out the PC what some customers do is purchase a second and sometimes a third complete end cap, return all pieces with the sensor for yearly calibration. At that time we can install new PC into the caps for just the price of the lens as part of the calibration procedure.

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