USVis Lamp life compared to CQXE


My question is: How we can explain the customer that they will need to change the lamp every one or two years when with the old instrument (CQXE) they changed the lamp after 5 or 6 years and as you know the customer will claim for that and we want to had the correct answer for it.

This customer has a USVIs not a CQXE. They CANNOT expect them to behave the same. The CQXE wavelength resolution was 2.34 nm/pixel, the USVis wavelength resolution is 1.64 nm/pixel a 40% improvement. To achieve this improvement the polytube is larger to accommodate a bigger dual detector array. This requires more light so a larger amount of energy (30% more) is used to flash the lamp, 4.8 Joules compared to 3.75 joules. This causes the lamp life to be decreased.

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