EasyMatchQC Connection Error


Troubleshooting generic error message about "Connection Error" displayed by EZMQC

1. after message is shown clear message, then attempt to take a new measurement, Read Standard or Read Sample. Does the Instrument measure correctly? If yes then how often does this problem occur and what action is being done immediately prior to the message? Did you notice if the lamp flashed prior to the error message? If not then the message was likely caused by a communication timeout where the software was waiting for the instrument to send data and when no data appeared in a pre-determined time frame the software quits waiting and sends the error. Inspect lamp system and Power supplies if you suspect the lamp caused a problem. Did a motor need to run (e.g. UV filter or SPIN/SPEX door) prior to measurement, if yes the motor functions, since EZMQC allows a pre-determined time frame for a motor function to complete, if the function delays we might ssee the message, then on the following measurement where the motor function is now in the correct state there is no error.

The other possibility is that is you are using a USB-to-Serial converter that the USB port on the computer is "going to sleep" and disconnecting the sensor from the software. Typically Energy Saving settings on the computer will cause the USB ports to shut down if they are not accessed in the specified time frame.

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