Inter-instrument agreement on calibrated achromatic tiles


Question: We recently purchased a set of calibrated tiles and would like to know the expected inter-instrument agreement between all of the HunterLab sensors our company uses to measure the color of our product.


The most widely accepted method of using CCSII tiles (Lucideon/Ceram/BCRA 12 Glossy tiles) is to create a target for each color from the mean of the population readings of the sensors in your company. Then periodically read the tiles and record the color difference (dE* or CMC or dE2000) for each tile from its target value. Then calculate the average of the 12 color differences. If the average is less than 0.15 then the instrument is considered acceptable for use. You may also wish to bound the set with a maximum allowable color difference ( e.g. no individual color difference greater than 0.30)

There are many other ways that these tiles are used, such as separating the performance reading the 4 gray tiles from the performance reading the colored tiles or calculating the recording the color differences between reading the Gray and Difference Grey and Green and Difference Green tiles.

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