Measuring Snack Food Using the Compression Ring and Pan Set - D25 NC


The color of large, granular food pieces, such as chips or similar snack foods, must be assessed both to ensure lot-to-lot consistency and, in some cases, as an indicator of completeness of baking or frying. These types of samples are typically large, non-uniform in size and shape, and may be semi-transparent. Therefore, special accessories and presentation techniques may be used to provide uniform sample presentation and more repeatable results. The Sample Handling Package for Chips (L02-1014-741) can be used to make the samples more uniform in height and opacity. The D25 NC averages 5 measurements per second, 25 measurements per each rotational cycle of the turntable.


A HunterLab D25® NC can be used to measure the reflectance of batches of samples as they move under the sensor without touching the sample surface. This is an alternative method to loose pour method use for the measurement of chips and snack foods.


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