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For Vista Essentials Non-ER customer: Attached, please check the latest Vista Essentials non-ER(.apk file), Version 1.04.0056. The major changes from last version 1.04.0056 to 1.05.0064 are listed in the attachment. 

Please download the .apk file and then follow the "Software Update" instruction in the attachment to update Vista Essentials.

For Vista Essentials 1.03.0045 and above, we provide two different Vista Essentials packages, Vista Essentials non-ER and Vista Essentials ER. Vista Essentials ER has additional features to be compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11. If you'd like to update Vista Essentials from non-ER to a ER, or if you currently has a Vista Essentials ER in your Vista and would like to check the latest ER, please contact



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    Updated February 2, 2017

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    Updated February 27, 2017

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    Updated Aug 1st, 2018. Rev 1.04.0056.

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