Set up Admin/User Accounts and Enable Security on the Vista



Set up Admin/User accounts:

1. Create a administrative group and a user group in Jobs/User Manager/Create/Group



2. Create admin accounts under the administrative group and create user accounts under the user group in Jobs/User Manager/Create/User. 



3. Accounts in administrative groups can access to all features in Vista Essentials, and they can assign the access privileges to accounts in user groups as shown below:


4. The administrative user can delete groups/users and reset passwords. When each user logs into the Vista, they must enter a name and password if "Enable Application Security" is checked.


Enable Security:

Security can be enabled on the Vista to ensure that operators cannot modify or delete folders or files and limit functionality. To enable security, go to Jobs: Preferences: General and check Enable Application Security.



Note: When the user selects the Enable Application Security, they must have created admin/user accounts before logging out of Essentials. Otherwise, they will not be able to login Essentials again. 


For convenience, the user can check the box under Jobs: Preferences: General to use the Last Login Credentials.  This eliminates the need for a user name and password each time.enable_last_login_credentials.png



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