Updating the Essentials Software on the Vista



1. To check the current Essentials Version in Vista, please go to Jobs>About. You can update Essentials if there is any newer version posted at Vista support website.  

2. Download the Essentials software (.apk file) to the root folder of a flash drive. 

3. Turn on the Vista and place the flash drive in USB port on the front of the instrument.  


4. If the current Essentials version in Vista is above 1.01.0019, there is a "Update" button in the "About" dialog. Click this button and follow the process to update Essentials. (Note: Please attach the flash drive first then open the "About" dialog to have "Update" button enabled.)


Or if the current Essentials version in Vista is before 1.01.0019, please follow the steps below to update Essentials. 
            a.   Go to Jobs>About and tap the screen 6 times inside the box. Please check this video on how to get to Vista home screen from Essentials. 


            b.    Once the Home Screen is displayed, go to Essentials Update. Follow the process to update the software.           

           c. To return to the operation of the Vista, click on Essentials.                                                    


5. Return to the Jobs>About screen to verify the software version.


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