YI D1925 versus YI E313(2/C)



We have target values for LAB (C/2) and YI D1925 for our product and need to now specify LAB (C/2) and YI-E313 (C/2) targets.


The CIELAB targets would stay constant.

Note in the equations below that the terms A,B,G do not correspond with CIELAB, they are quantities defined in ASTM E313 and the the terms XYZ are the observer weighting functions. YI-E313 ignores the red X contribution of color in the index calculation.

YI-D1925 = 100(A-B)/G = 100(1.28X-1.06Z)/Y

YI-E313 = 100 ( 1 - B/G) = 100( 1- ((Z/1.181)/Y))

You would need to run a MonteCarlo simulation to determine the YI-E313 range of acceptance using the bounds of the LAB acceptance.

We can do this for them if they provide a PO for 2 hours of Technical Support time.

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