Selecting the Correct Vial holder Size


HunterLab provides a variety of vial holders that allow measurements in round vials ranging in size from ISO-2R/4R (16mm) to ISO-R50 (44mm).  Selecting the correct vial holder is easy for ISO standard vials as HunterLab has specific holders that match the exact dimensions for the supported ISO vial sizes.


When using a vial that is not ISO standard, users must select a vial holder that matches the outside diameter of the selected vial, not the nominal or published dimensions of the vial.  The best way to determine the actual vial dimensions is to measure the outside diameter of the vial with calipers or other similar measuring devices.  For example, an 24mm vial may have outside diameters ranging from 27mm to 30mm depending on the wall thickness of the vial.  Knowing the actual outside dimensions of the vial will allow the proper selection of the vial holder and ensure the best measurement performance.

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