Configuring the analog output option


Attached are the drawings for the interconnect of the Analog output Module that resides in the Support Unit.  A picture is shown below of the analog output module that is attached inside the support unit.



The end user will connect the wiring (two wires for each channel) at the terminal strip on the inside door of the support unit. There are 4 channels: 3 for color, and  1 for an index such as DE. The color channels are numbered 1-3 and will always be in the same order as the display. For example L a b, X Y Z, etc. are channels 1 2 3.


The scaling for the 4-20 mA output must be configured on the front panel of the sensor under Global Options/Analog Output.

The typical scaling is L 0 to 100, a -50 to 50, and b -50 to 50. The attached spreadsheet will aid in calculating the expected analog outputs for a given scaling and color reading.



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